San Jose, CA

Contacted Len to relocate my AT&T modem/router to a different room and to add hard wired ethernet connectors in each of my 4 bedrooms with the ultimate goal of not using wireless connectivity. I received a preliminary budgetary estimate via email exchanges and then followed up with an on-site appointment and review for a more refined estimate which I accepted and established an agreeable installation date.
Len works in partnership with ASI Alarms who does the basic foundational wiring installation while Len focuses on the network portion of the project (i.e. internet, switches, CAT6 cables, etc).
This review focuses only on Len's portion of the project. Len is fantastic and extremely knowledgeable with his craft. He is very thorough and detail oriented with a great sense of humor. Len and the crew from ASI Alarms showed up early and completed everything well ahead of schedule and at reduced cost from the written quote. Len's work was immaculate and well executed. His goal is always customer focused and it showed in his work. I am extremely happy with the result and now have direct internet connections in all bedrooms. I highly recommend Len (and ASI Alarms) for the type of work I had done at my residence. You will be happy you did.