Home & Office Networking Setup and Integration

We help you connect the local network, share files, and secure your home & office networking

Many homes nowadays have more than one computer. It is a common scenario wherein each member of the household has his or her own laptop or PC. Files, printers, scanners, Internet connection and other devices often need to be shared between family members. With this, having the computers connected via a home area network is simply practical.

Home networking can be done in two methods: Wired and wireless. A wired home network usually connects devices such as printers, scanners and other devices with cables. On the other hand, wireless networks connect devices without cables like tablets and e-readers.


One of the major advantages of configuring a home network in a household having multiple computers is shared Internet access. Configuring a home network, particularly a wireless connection will allow your family members to access the Internet conveniently from their respective location of your choice throughout your home. All computers can be provided Internet connection without the need to physically connect to the modem.
Meanwhile, network-attached storage devices or printers, if there’s any, must be located in common areas for best advantage.

Home and Office Networking Setup and Integration

Network Security Enhancement

My Network Solution will ensure to enhance level of security to protect your network from any unauthorized access.

File sharing

Home networking allows file sharing less complicated, provided that there’s an effective storage solution. In most computers, buildup of old files often happens. When there is not enough space on your hard disk due to too many old files, there would be a need to transfer these old files in order to create and store new files.

An effective way to deal with this is to transfer files from the limited memory space computer to any of the other computers which still have adequate space. All members in a family can even designate a computer as a main file server, which will store all important old files. And each time anyone in the family needs to access something from the file server, he or she has to connect to the file server via home network system to retrieve it. Having this kind of storage solution would make data handling simpler.


Every residential home and office’s networking is provided with thorough and accurate documentation by My Network Solution for future reference. We dedicate our time to make sure your network works properly and educate you on your desired networking technology.


Home networking is relatively affordable as well. With a reliable network, you would only need to pay for a single Internet connection to be utilized by multiple computers in your household. Just ensure to look for a high-speed Internet connection solution.