Security and Burglar Alarm System Wiring

We are Designing, Wiring, and Connecting Your Security Alarm System

For hardwired systems, wires are terminated on one end at the security panel and on the other end at each motion sensor, camera, keypad, and window or door contact. The wiring is usually configured in zones using a star or homerun topology.

There are two important considerations to take note of regarding each of these two connection methods:

  • An NC loop (zone) may pick up less noise than an NO zone.
  • Provided both aren’t cut through simultaneously, the alarm will not go off if an intruder cuts through the wires of an NO zone. This isn’t the case with an NC zone-wired design.

You may also consider using a bundled structured wiring solution. A combination hardwired and wireless system is another option. A wired phone line is usually required for wireless security systems because they’re prone to interference from other signals. Recommended wire types include: